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Probably the sweetest picture we have. :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 5 Hollywood hands :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 0 GT: Down bessie. :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 3 0 This kid im tellin ya :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 0 serious i tell you :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 1 0 We are serious cosplayers :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 13 Sbahj. ish. :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 0 I warned you bout those seagulls man :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 0 It wasn't a date. :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 3 0 Its probably a date. :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 1 0 Wait is it a date?? :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 1 0
Chapter 2
You got the call right around six fifteen am. The annoying ringtone (seriously, who even writes these songs) woke you fairly easily, but you had curled up around the smaller body practically radiating heat next to you, trying to will away the noise.
The universe never does listen to you though, does it.
Reaching over to the side table, you pulled away from your fiancé reluctantly.  Geez, universe. You were only trying to get in some unconscious cuddle-time, what's wrong with that?
You do not recognise the number that is flashing on the screen. You shrug to yourself and answer the call anyway, careful to keep your voice down.
It takes a few moments for the caller to answer, and you're already getting annoyed.
"Yes, hello. May I speak to a mister... Dirk Strider please?"
This is already weird.
The lady on the other end goes of on some spiel you hardly listen to, apparently she's calling from the hospital downtown. You don
:icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 3 9
I wrote a thing guys.
It was saturday, the fifth of December as you recall, and you had just woken up. Your eyes flutter open relaxedly, calm, as you turn onto your side to greet the day with your wonderful boyfri--wait, no. Now it was fiancé--wait, where is he?! You sit up in a sudden panic as you reach out. The bed is cold, not warm like it would have been had he gone to the bathroom or to close a wayward window. He never leaves without waking you, it was part of the pact you had made years ago, when you had first become a couple. Your voice is rough and scratchy from having only just woken, and you call out to the seemingly empty apartment, just to check.
A pause, and then another. No reply. Should you call him?
You swing your legs off of the bed and clutch the sheet around you, it's still cold inside and you didn't like sleeping in clothes too much. They're too restricting, you need to sleep free!
As you approach the door, you raise your voice again.
"Love? This had better not be some...
:icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 2
Hey guys.
TT: Hey.
D. Strider: hey dirk
TT: Bro. Dude. The power went out.
D. Strider: eugh, what did you do this time
TT: I need to see if you won anything.
TT: I didn't do anything, thank you.
TT: There's lightning.
D. Strider: well usually when the power goes out its because youve over estimated the generators power during one of your projects
TT: Nope.
D. Strider: well as long as theres light thats good
TT: It's a storm this time, I swear.
TT: No, there isn't. The power is out.
TT: Gone, dead.
D. Strider: out, got it
TT: Did you win anything?
D. Strider: stay safe kiddo
TT: I have my phone.
TT: Did you?
D. Strider: yeah i did
TT: Cool.
TT: I don't know how you do it.
TT: Really.
TT: It's ... awful, really.
D. Strider: you sorta just
D. Strider: suck it up and go up there
TT: I hate crowds.
TT: I hate people in general.
TT: You better have mentioned me.
D. Strider: yup dedicated it to my amazing lil brother
TT: Awesome.
TT: Which one is this?
D. Strider: i know you do, if im honest i
:icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 1 0
Dirk :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 1 0 Untitled :icondontmindmyname:dontMindmyName 2 0


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TT: Cross my heart.

GT: Hope to die.


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Good lord its about time i revised that. I sounded like the worst of weaboos. The highest tier of otaku. Whatever comes next.


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